Hi Eric,

Just wanted to let you know that I've been hearing AWESOME feedback about all of the audio you did on Ricco's Hot Pick games. Apparently, not only are Ricco, Vallejo, and Mitchell really happy with it, but they've been receiving a lot of positive feedback regarding the sounds from people in other departments as well as from the Focus Group they just had test these games. Nice job!

Kristin Rucker, Associate Producer
Bally Technologies

Mr. Heberling,

I like to play slot machines on my occasional visits to Reno and Las Vegas and one thing I've noticed is that many of the newer machines, especially some of those by Bally, play real music instead of just the electronic beeps and boops of the early machines. I've discovered that you are responsible for much of the music that Bally uses on their slots and I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate your efforts.  My favorite, by far, is the music that plays during the bonus spins on the Playboy slot.  It's jazzy and Latin at the same time.  I don't get to hear it very much in the casinos (obviously!) but, fortunately, Bally has it available for free play on their Web site and I can set the payout frequency high so that the bonus game comes up more often.  I'm always hoping that the free spins will retrigger so that I can hear more of the song! Thanks again for the great music.

Jack Rubeck

Hi! Are you the composer of the Daggerfall Soundtrack? I think that is the best videogame soundtrack ever made!

Marco Caloi

Who did the musical composition/orchestration for Cash Wizard?  I'm blown away.  I love it.

Paul Shaw, Game Producer
Bally Technologies

Mr. Heberling,

Hi. I have loved the incredible orchestration of the music on the CD version of the PC CD-Rom title The Lord of the Rings Volume 1 by Interplay from 1993 for so many years.  I originally played the game in my youth and have recently discovered it once again.  That music really recalls fond memories and also from a musical standpoint fits so well with the Lord of the Rings.  I was wondering if you knew of any possible way that I could attain all of the musical tracks created for the game. After looking on the back of the CD jewel case, I found your name associated with the CD music for the game. I searched everywhere and have not discovered a way in which to procure that amazing music.  Do you know of any way to find, buy, or attain this music?  Thanks for your time.

Blake Strack

Dear Mr. Heberling

Let me introduce myself.  I am a gamer as well as a music lover. I play PC games of all sorts, though most are SciFi-related. In some cases, I play these games not for the gaming itself, but because of the in-game music. Beyond that I wish to remain anonymous.
When I was younger, my father purchased a CD-ROM game with the title "Gateway 2:Homeworld."  I started playing this game and was soon infatuated with it.
Years have past since.  My infatuation for GW2:H has not past. I still play it, despite the fact that the game is outdated.  Yet I still continue to play it.  There are several reasons why, which I will explain more elaborately later. More recently, I down-loaded Frederik Pohl's Gateway, which I play too--but for some reason it does not quite hold the same meaning for me as does GW2:H.
Now, these are the reasons why GW2:H is still my favorite game:
1. The game's atmosphere is unlike any other I have ever encountered.  The music, the text, the pictures--they all fit together perfectly!

2. The game's plot is intriguing and exciting, if not thrilling!  In my opinion, the music definately underscores the different plot twists, changing situations, etc. masterfully.

3. The game's pre-programmed responses to certain commands have brought me much amusement; and for some reason I never tire trying to find new responses to different commands.

Mr. Heberling, you must be wondering why I actually contacted you. The reason I write you is three-fold.

My first and foremost reason is to congratulate you for your accomplishments in creating such beautiful music for GW2:H. Truely, I belive this game and its music to be masterpieces. Each and every piece always brought back deep emotions when I listened to it. . . .

Greetings and Thank You for your time


I can't even begin to tell you how excited I feel at the moment! I've been trying to get to you for a long time (Think how old Daggerfall is).  You aren't mentioned in the credits I think. (I can't quite recall that actually, maybe your name is present, but it doesn't indicate what you did in the game.) I was a great fan of the game (and I'm a great fan of that genre in general) and I was blown away with the music.

It's not an easy thing to explain, to tell how much I appreciated it. Back then I had a basic 16bit sound card that played MIDIs worse than the old Spectrum computers. I experienced the music with really bad sounds, but good music is good music. The music is so cleverly written, wonderfully composed, it isn't really necessary to listen to it with professional equipment to value it, to appreciate it.

I played the game pretty frequently and eventually began to hum the melodies so much I decided I should pay my tribute to this anonymous musician.  I  covered a tune, now known as "tavern1.mid". But back then not even the song had a name. By the way, please forgive my rush. I haven't even properly introduced myself. As my previous mail says I'm a guitar player particularly interested in instrumental stuff, in the vein of Joe Satraini, . . .

. . .  a few years later, I've come up a site that had all the Elder Scrolls midi music. I've downloaded all of them. Some of the tunes, I've never heard in the games but they were all the magnificent stuff I was so familiar with. The MIDI files gave me the chance to analyze the music, to see what this genious composer did. It was difficult for me to follow the music only by ear, since sometimes I wasn't accurate. But with MIDI files, I now knew the notes and had a chance to cover some other of my favorites with correct harmonies. And that's just what I did. I covered 2 more Daggerfall tunes by following the MIDI scores.

I know it's a long story, but it's the story of the past 5 years, so I hope I'm not boring you.

Gary Noonan from Bethsoft was a freuqent visitor of the messageboard and saw my complaint about how I mailed them, and didn't even get a reply. I was immediately contacted by him personally and I sent my versions still in the pursuit of finding you. Bethesda simply loved the music. In fact they've even asked me if they could use it somewhere on their upcoming Elder Scrolls game Morrowind! There has even been a talk of, me composing a few Morrowind tunes. (which I did, but they didn't like them at all.)

But they still didn't know who did all the music. No one in the world knew. And I guess no one in the world cared either. Only a maniac from Turkey, me, insisted he should give his personal thanks for the inspiration... and everything.

Then one day, when I re-opened some of the files in my sequencer software (files like : Dag_9.mid, Dag_8.mid, Dag_6.mid...) I found a name... A name, none other than Eric Heberling. Now I had a name to look for.

. . .

I have made rock versions of the following files :

Snow.mid (7/8 tune)

. . . they are masterpieces! I'm in love with your music. And please don't think that I've exaggarated anything. I haven't. Why would I otherwise track a composer for   5 years whom I even didn't know a name?

I feel like I've completed a mission in a game and gone up a level :) Now I  can take a good sleep.

I'll set up a site where you can download my personal and Daggerfall related stuff as soon as I can. (that is if you wish of course)

I will now check your site and hopefully learn a bit about this master composer.

Thank you for everything Mr. Eric Heberling. Your love and passion for music
is loved and appreciated. Let the world never forget your name.

Tansel Coskuner.

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